A wellspring of joy: Taking in the first bouts of freedom

At least in the West, we have almost won the battle against the Corona virus, an organism entirely tone-deaf to all of humanity’s sorrows, suffering and grief. While we start celebrating the ’new normal’ we all do well to remember that fighting COVID-19 remains a challenging task for countries in the developing world. After more than 7 months I am taking my first tentative steps on the road back to freedom and normality. It’s a winding path strewn with pitfalls and paddles, and as yet unknown barriers may cause unwelcome and untimely stops. Yet, the journey ahead is straightforward as the direction is clear. This journey knows only one final destination – life! With the sun illuminating the road ahead, with the taste of the whole wide world in nothing more than a Glass of French red wine and with a inspiring book, I spend my first afternoon in the yard outside my favourite restaurant. It is as if a war has just ended.

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