The robo debt scandal: A shocked nation and a rattled government

Since Scott Morrison has become Australian prime minister back in 2018, we have learnt that wearing a baseball cap shows the nation and the world which side you are on. However, what happens if a prime minister wears a different hat each and every day?

The Australian government, led by the man in an empty suit wearing a baseball cap, has been dealt a major blow in court. Not withstanding the human tragedies caused by the robo debt scandal, this has been an extraordinary blunder that may turn out to be costly indeed come Election Day.

Speaking to Australia’s public broadcaster, former Labor leader Bill Shorten blasts the Morrison government. Indeed, what a stunning performance by the former opposition leader. Here is my question for bill: Why didn’t you talk like this in the lead-up to the 2019 election? You might have won you know. After all, you have some of Keating’s passion and firepower in you – well done!

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