Antidotes – Murderville: investigative journalism exists even in the States

In the age of Donald Trump we have become accustomed to the press being branded the enemy of the people, and of journalists being singled out for insults and mockery. Needless to say that such Trumpian slurs have little to do with reality, and no such sweeping generalizations do the media any justice. Yet, there is something deeply wrong with US corporate media, and Trump has unwhittingly laid bare what must trouble independent observers both in the US and abroad. Surely, it would be a far stretch of the imagination to claim that the US corporate media serves the public or the educated classes, even though, at times, a few exceptions prove the rule. However, there is no need to despair as far as investigative journalism goes because the US media still provides great sources for inspiration in this regard. All one has to do is to leave behind the bubble of corporate media and cable news. The great flagship of investigative journalism and great reporting is in my view

Democracy Now

A program which broadcasts daily.


Is another great outlet engaging in great investigative journalism throughout the country. Then, there is the


, and they provide great podcasting too. A particularly intriguing one is


Which explores what is so profoundly flawed about the US justice system. As the two investigative reporters

Liliana Sigura


Jordan Smith

illustrate in the

Murderville series

Racism and prejudice still color law enforcement and, consequentially, destroy lives like that of

Devonia Inman

Who currently serves a life sentence and is in all likelihood innocent. Inman is by far not the only man waiting for a fair trial in prison. His case, however, shows a flawed and discriminatory judiciary for which no quick remedy is available. such stories are rare in corporate media, but investigative journalism is alive and kicking and has even reached unprecedented levels since Donald Trump took office. As usual in life you just have to know where to look.

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