Revolutions as revolving doors and recurring events in human history? – We are back in Iran again

What are revolutions? Are they nothing more than accidents of history? Well, some believe so, but others maintain that they come and go as natural cycles in human society; one thing is certain it seems to me. When they do occur, they replace one set of political elites with another one, and this has mostly been a rather violent and bloody process. Remember that political elites have never voluntarily given up power and privileges in human history, and this is unlikely to change in the future. Thus, when we mark the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution and remember the final outcome, it may not be unreasonable to make predictions about the next one. Lindsay Hughes who is a researcher and analyst at the Indian Ocean Institute at

Future Directions International

Thinks so and argues in his conversation with Australian journalist and former politician

Amanda Vanstone

That Iran may be headed this way. You can find the conversation


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A note of respect and admiration

Listening to the program


Hosted by former Liberal politician

Amanda Vanstone

I always recall my time as a backpacker more than 15 years ago in Australia, and I remember the controversies surrounding her as Immigration Minister in the Howard government. She was vilified on the left, and the media coverage could at times become extremely hostile. However, I have learned a lot since then, and I have grown very, very fond not just of her program on the ABC, but also of her as a presenter and journalist.

Amanda Vanstone represents for me a truly authentic voice of reason on the centre-right in Australian politics, and even when we don’t see eye to eye on certain issues, I would never question her motives or integrity and believe she is a true, great democrat and journalist as well. In fact, there have been incidents in recent years where Amanda prompted me to seriously question my own positions on certain issues, and on a few occasions I even changed or at least moderated my own views. Since getting caught in an echo chamber is a real danger facing all of us these days, I am grateful whenever I get a chance to listen to her program as it introduces me to perspectives I may not have been familiar with before, and reason and democratic convictions are never lost on the way; this makes her program so incredibly valuable in Australian political discourse, and I am truly honored to recommend her show here.

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