The Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit

Expert advice is not very popular in some circles these days, but it seems that both policy-makers and the general public are in dire need of decent analysis, particularly when an issue as politically charged as the North Korean nuclear program is concerned. The hot-button issue so controversially debated on both sides of the Atlantic is whether or not the summit was a failure; what future prospects are there for making progress on this front? This


Leaves the political battleground and helps restore both common sense and expert analysis to the subject. Writer and podcast host

Ankit Panda

Talks to

Grace Liu

Who is a research associate at the

Center for Non-Proliferation Studies in Monterey.

Whenever the Asia-Pacific region is concerned and attract my attention, and this has been the case very frequently in recent years indeed, this

magazine has been a highly informative, educational and reliable companion to me, and it is hardly surprising that I want to endear this publication to you.

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