Test case for the nation? NSW election just a few days away.

Tentions are running high in the centers of power in


Prior to national polls expected to take place in May this year. Like in any other federal political system, the national mood of voters always influences the outcome of state elections as well. Yet, it would be somewhat over the top to apply this principle to the state elections in

New South Wales

without qualification. The current Liberal government, which came to power in 2011 after 16 years of Labor rule, did so on the back of a string of major corruption scandals, shaking both the Labor Party and the state government to the core. Therefore, it is rather surprising that another Liberal victory is far from certain, and one wonders what Labor’s apparent competitiveness tells us about the state of the ruling party both statewide and on a national level. As

Antony Green

Who is the


election analyst points out, no uniform swing is required to at least ensure minority government in NSW, something that has happened before. Even though this particular election will not be called statewide straight away, since plenty of local seats are likely to be competitive this time around, the most likely scenario will be a Liberal minority government with cross-bench support. In the lead-up to the May election this will be no game-changer for either the Coalition or Labor. Green deliberates on the upcoming NSW election


I don’t need to tell you that I am approaching fever pitch already, and I will be following election coverage as always Saturday March 23t on ABC Newsradio right


Election coverage will start at 6 PM (AEST) or 08.00 (CET). You bet that I will be glued to my radio for hours next Saturday.

For more coverage everything australian go


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