The hitchhiker’s guide to the Trump galaxy

When trying to enter Trump universe, your attention is immediately and inevitably drawn to two stars, shining particularly brightly and glittering more than all others in the vicinity. They seem to be the gatekeepers, and there is no means by which to bypass them if you fancy to enter Trump orbit. However, dear fellow traveller, be weary of what you are getting yourself into here, since taking up residency in Trump world requires you to strike a Faustian bargain of sorts; these two domineering stars possess a gravitational field that will suck you into a blackhole of power-politics, moneyed interests and intrigue.

Luckily for all of us, understanding Trump orbit and the role these two stars play in it might just have become a bit easier, since investigative reporter

Vicky Ward

has published the ultimate hitchhiker’s guide to the Trump galaxy in


She tells us that the two stars have names:

Jared Kushner


Ivanka Trump.

Ward tells us about two people who craft and maintain a public image only to hide a much darker side; they are rich, slightly ignorant, vindictive and yet powerful at the same time. What under normal circumstances would already be a potent combination of unhealthy personality-trades wreaks even more havoc on the diplomatic front; Ward, therefore, devotes considerable time to analyze Kushner’s role in shaping US foreign policy in general and on the Middle East in particular. She tries to shed light on the role which both play in Trump’s presidency, and how consequential their economic and political actions are likely to be. What makes them tick, and how did they become the people they are, thriving on power, money and corruption?

Vicky Ward talks about her book

Kushner Inc

to Elizabeth Spiers

who is the former Editor in Chief of the New York Observer in this


in great detail.

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