A vote for a better more humane America: Biden has been elected 46th president of the United States

Two very different campaigns, two very different politicians – in essence two very different Americas. CNN just 10 minutes ago projected Pennsylvania for Joe Biden, making him the new president elect and denying Donald Trump a second term in the White House. I am proud of all Americans today, especially because Biden is poised to win the popular vote by a huge margin. No presidential nominee has ever received as many votes as Biden, though the same is true for Donald Trump as well. Yet, Biden leads Trump nationwide by 4 million votes and is likely to increase his lead to north of 5 million. The results are complex, and both political parties will have to do plenty of soul searching in the days and months ahead. But for the moment, after almost 4 days with hardly any sleep, and with CNN playing in the background 24/7, I am so relieved, and I must commend CNN, which is not always my favourite news network, for calm, highly informative and rational coverage of the election; this was superb and outstanding journalism of the highest order. The transparency of this election was unprecedented, and I would say exactly the same if Trump had prevailed in the end. I hope my adrenalin levels will slowly decrease, but the comedown after these tense days will be hard. Luckily, in anticipation of a Biden win, two bottles of red wine are sitting in my fridge – this might help to release some of the tension that has built up inside. – what a week!!!

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