Elizabeth Bruenig believes it is time to give socialism a chance in America, and, you know what, she is right

Slowly but surely, American politics is undergoing change, and a huge paradigm shift is taking shape particularly on the Democratic side. A young generation of activists has started to push the envelope and to test what is possible within the confines of the US political system.

Washington Post

columnist Elizabeth Bruenig is talking to journalist

Mehdi Hasan

About the role of left-wing politics and its chances of success


. In the other podcast produced by

The Intercept

prolific author and Marxist intellectual

Vijay Prashad

Talks about various global hotspots, and the role of the US government in shaping politics across the Globe and particularly in relation to the global south. It is hardly surprising that he accuses the US administration of playing, once again, a very destructive role in Latin America and most importantly condemns attempts by external forces to bring down the government of


. I readily confess that I have not yet come across him before, and even though I agree with his analysis only partially, he seems to be a very intriguing and radical thinker worth my attention. This


Is a good point to start. To go beyond the all too easily digestible narrative put forward by mainly the corporate media across the globe, I highly recommend

The Chavez Code

, a book by Eva Golinger

, and even though her book must be read critically, her findings are very persuasive indeed. It surely is necessary reading in order to develop a critical view of US foreign policy in the region and a more sophisticated understanding of what has been happening in Venezuela during the last two decades.

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