True crime podcasts

As I have

pointed out

On this blog recently, I thoroughly enjoy well written detective novels for relaxation, but another genre has started to fascinate me as well; of course, I am talking about true crime podcasts. I can already picture you, dear reader, raising your eyebrows at this confession, and you are more than entitled to do so. Indeed, there is plenty of ‘crap’ around, and it can b quite time consuming to find the ones that are worth listening to; luckily, though, there are a few particular podcasts which have little to do with the sensational reporting we are used to when crime is concerned, and I thought I would take the time to recommend a few of them on this blog.

Perhaps my favorite one at present is


which goes well beyond the crime itself, providing useful advise for victims, and frequently adds an academic dimension and available research to what happened; perhaps in a way it enables us to become vocal and more aware citizens. The most recent episode, for instance, explores the subject of stalking.

More information about this particular podcast can be found


If you are so inclined, please give a listen to

Misconduct and

Crimes Of Passion.

In order to develop a better understanding how the US court system deals with crimes,

Court Junkie

is probably the right starting point. This one has a very good and informative website

right here. My personal take is that all of these programs may well be worth your time, but, generally speaking, it is not an easy genre to navigate.

More about podcasting in general can be found on my blog


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