Cybersecurity: Are the hackers coming to Israel?

Since 2016, it has become evident that foreign powers develop and already have the capabilities to interfere and potentially derail the democratic process in other countries. This warrants particular caution on the part of policy-makers and citizens alike, especially in a year like this one in which quite a few polls are being held across the world.

The upcoming

Israeli election

has been covered on this blog previously and is only a fortnight away. Whether or not the cellphone of

Benny Gantz

who is the main challenger of Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu

has been hacked by Iran or not, it is pretty obvious that particularly conflict-ridden and strongly polarized societies will be most susceptible to such attacks and interference. In this


the issues relating to questions of cybersecurity, foreign intervention and possible precautions are discussed with former legal adviser to

Shin Bet

Eli Bahar and former head of Shin Bet’s technology division Ron Shamir.

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