NSW decides: In just half an hour, counting will get underway in New South Wales.

The coffee is boiling and almost ready; breakfast has been bought and the table in my living room has been set for the occasion, and the


is already playing, taking me on a much appreciated mental journey to the other side of the planet.

So, then, who will come out on top today? Since opinion polls have been predicting for quite some time now a race too close to call, it is unclear whether Liberal Premier

Gladys Berejuklian

will secure a third consecutive term for her party, or whether Opposition Leader

Michael Daley

can bring Labor back into government. When it comes to politics, I prefer not to be a gambler, but I am prepared to make an exception today; after all, politics must be fun too. I am brave today and place my bets on a narrow Liberal majority government, even though this is by no means the outcome I am longing for. Yet, taking into account recent developments and Labor’s apparent slide in the polls, it is doubtful whether NSW citizens are ready to entrust their state to Labor as yet again. You can nail me on my prediction in just a few hours time.

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Following elections all over the world has become a passion of mine. Some time ago I pointed out in this


that democracy as practiced in the US leaves a lot to be desired. The congressional election last year and what happened in

North Carolina’s 9th congressional district

testifies to this and is discussed in more depth


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