Energy Dominance under Donald Trump

Whilst large parts of the corporate media continue to obsess about Trump’s every tweet and utterance, less space is given to cover what really matters at present; the policy changes undertaken by the Trump administration are enormous and might be difficult to be reversed, even if and when a new administration takes office. Despite Trump’s rhetoric on various issues, his presidency has arguably remained pretty close to what Republicans have been fighting for. This is particularly evident when it comes to environmental protection, a policy area in which the administration is turning back the clock considerably, and where it seems not much will be left of the Obama legacy, even though progress under Obama was only modest. The buzzword summarizing best Trump’s approach is Energy Dominance. Particularly the oil industry enjoys unprecedented levels of access to the new administration and is not shy bragging about this very fact.


Center for Investigative Reporting



produce the podcast series


dedicated to holding the powerful accountable. With the nomination of the No. 2 in the Interior Ministry

David Bernhardt

who is particularly close to the oil industry, questions of public accountability must be at the top of the agenda for lawmakers on Capitol Hill, but with Republicans firmly in control of the US

Senate this is very unlikely. If Bernhardt is to be confirmed as Minister Of the Interior by the Senate, and this is more or less certain to be the case, a dire situation for environmental protection is expected to get even worse. In this episode of the

Reveal Podcast

Trump’s energy policies and their likely impact on environmental protection are explored in great depth; for those of us struggling to go beyond the soundbites of the political debates, it is absolutely necessary listening.

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