Fake news, hate speech and the role of journalism in the US and globally

Fake news and hate speech have always been more than occurrences which can be objectively verified; indeed, these are weaponized and loaded terms hardly disconnected from the political and cultural battlefields of our time. How journalists deal with these issues, and how they see themselves and understand their role in the modern, global news cycle is part of a podium discussion hosted by


Media correspondent

Brian Stelter

At the


In Washington. He explores the role of journalism both in the US and globally with Karen Attiah, the global opinions editor of the

Washington Post


Marcela Garcia

Who is editorial writer at the

Boston Globe

. Part of the discussion is part of

this podcast

On a very personal note: When I listen to such valuable discussions, I wonder frequently what I would have to say participating in such forums, particularly if my own life had taken a different turn, and I would have managed to enter the profession of my calling. For what it is worth, I have not given up entirely that one day I myself can make strong and valuable contributions to such public debates. You know, I think there are quite a few things I would have to say.

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