Surveillance Capitalism

The lurking dangers connected with the emergence of Surveillance Capitalism have been discussed on this

blog already, and we have also been exploring various aspects of policy-making in this area here and here. Even though it is impossible to escape the trappings of this newly developing economic order completely, it seems to me that it is still our responsibility to be weary and try to do so as much as we can. In my view this starts with using the right messaging APPs, and I have tried to convince as many people as possible to switch to APPs which do not engage in data selling. Therefore, I am still not growing tired of recommending to readers


As the best one around. But,


Can also be recommended, even though it is not open source software yet, something that is deeply regrettable, but should not disqualify this APP right away. Additionally,

Silent Phone

Developed by

Silent Circle

Is highly valuable too, though you have to be prepared to pay a small fee for usage. Whilst not wanting to recommend any of the mentioned APPs in particular, since all of them fit the bill, have a look at this

video and make up your own mind.

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